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Premium Membership FAQ

posted this on June 28, 2012, 2:19 PM

What is a premium membership?

Ustream Premium memberships let you get the most out of your viewing experience. With
a Premium Membership, you’ll never see commercials or advertisements when you are
watching your favorite Ustream shows. You also get nifty premium member icons that make
you stand out in the crowd. You can find more information about the service here:

Why do I have to pay for this?

Premium Memberships are an optional upgrade for Ustream users. While we wish we could
offer these perks for free, running the best live video site on the web isn’t cheap, so charging for
the removal of ads lets us offset the costs while improving the viewing experience.

How much does it cost?

At $3.99, A Premium Membership costs less than 2 cups of coffee per month.

How do I cancel?

Please don’t go! Well, if you insist… you can go to your dashboard (click your username at the top of the site), then go to the "Premium Memberships" section, click the “Payment” tab and then click on “Cancel My Subscription”. Once you cancel, you will no longer be charged and you will continue to receive your premium benefits until the end of your billing cycle.

Do I have to buy a Premium Membership to start a broadcast?

Nope! Viewing and Broadcasting will always remain free on Ustream. This service simply
enhances the viewing experience.

I am a broadcaster – Will a Premium Membership remove ads from my channel?

No, Premium Memberships are a viewer-only feature. If you are interested in Ad-Free
Broadcasting, you can find more information here:

I purchased a Premium Membership but people still see ads on my channel page!

Oops! Premium Memberships only remove ads for you as a viewer, it does not remove ads
on your Ustream channel. If you are interested in Ad-Free Broadcasting, you can find more
information here:

I have a Premium Membership but I am still seeing ads, HELP!

Your Premium Membership is tied to your Ustream account.  You need to be logged into your account in order to remove ads from the Ad Supported channels that you are watching.  Please make sure that you are logged into the Ustream account that you signed up for Premium Membership with, to view streams Ad Free. 

You can manage your Premium Membership account by logging into your Ustream account and clicking on the Premium Membership Management page.  You can find it at

If you are still seeing Ads while logged into your Ustream account and you are a Premium Member, please file a support ticket at

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