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Video capture cards and devices

posted this on September 5, 2013, 9:48 AM

Using Ustream Producer software and adding capture cards or boxes, you can turn any Mac or Windows computer into a multi-camera, live-streaming machine. If you're using the built-in camera on your mobile device or computer, a USB camera, or a dedicated hardware encoder, you won't need any additional capture device. But if you want to connect analog, HDMI or SDI signals directly to your computer, you'll need one of these. Listed here are the ones we recommend.

Blackmagic UltraStudio Express


UltraStudio Express connects all your professional and consumer video equipment for the highest quality 3 Gb/s SDI capture and playback using Thunderbolt technology (Mac only). Perfect for use with a MacBook Pro and Ustream Producer

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Blackmagic Intensity Shuttle Thunderbolt or USB

Intensity Shuttle is now available with incredibly fast Thunderbolt™ technology and USB 3.0. Capture and playback the highest quality SD and HD video in full 10-bit quality, with HDMI, analog component, composite and S-Video connections.

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Purchase Blackmagic Intensity Shuttle at B&H >>

Blackmagic Capture Cards

Blackmagic capture cards go into your computer's PCIe slot and can accept HDMI, SDI or Analog Video Signals. The exact type and number of inputs depends on the model of the card. Requires a desktop (tower) computer with PCIe slots. Compatible with both Mac and Windows computers and with Ustream Producer. Choose multiple input models or combine multiple cards for multicamera capture and switching with Ustream Producer

There may be additional capture cards on the market that are not listed here that will also work, so we recommend checking the information from the capture card and encoding software manufacturer to determine which capture cards will work for you.

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