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Troubleshooting Steps for Viewing with Internet Explorer

posted this on November 29, 2012 09:21

First, see our general viewing troubleshooting guide here

Second, consider upgrading to Chrome or Firefox. Downloading, installing and using one of these browsers is less complicated and will solve more issues than all of the following steps.

Finally, if you must use Internet Explorer and are having trouble viewing Ustream content, please follow the troubleshooting steps below.

Clear Your Cache

If you haven't done it, clear your cache. There are two methods, and you can use both. First, open Tools>Internet Options and press the Delete button. After that is done, clear it again by pressing the F12 key and selecting Cache> Clear Browser Cache. After clearing the cache, close your browser and reboot the computer.

Opening Tools >Internet Options


Clear Cache Method #1: (make sure the Preserve Favorites box at top is unchecked). 


Clear Cache Method #2


If that doesn't work....

Check Your Compatibility Settings

First, open Tools>Compatibility Settings and uncheck all three boxes. After clearing the cache, close your browser and reboot the computer.

Compatibility View Settings


These three should be unchecked per graphic


If that doesn't work....

Check Shockwave Add On

Check to make sure your Shockwave plug-in is enabled and up to date. Open Tools>Internet Options and select the Programs Tab. Click the Manage Add-Ons button. Click on the Shockwave object, which should be enabled. After you have clicked on the object, take a look at the version number. If it is earlier than this - - you may need to update. You can update here:

Managing Add Ons




If this doesn't work....

Download the latest version of Flash

Click here to download. You will be prompted and helped by Adobe's website

If this doesn't work....

Check Multimedia Settings

Check your multimedia settings. I have attached a screenshot of what they should look like. To check the settings, open Tools>Internet Options and select the Advanced tab. Scroll through the settings until you come to the multimedia settings and make sure the options are set per the attached screenshot. If they aren't, click into the boxes. Press the Okay button when you are done. Close the browser and reboot the computer.

Multi Media Settings


If that doesn't work...

Clear Flash Cookies and Settings

Clear Flash cookies. Follow this link. It will allow you to access your website Storage Settings panel: Once you are here, select the 'Delete All Sites' setting. Next, go to this link. Click the box next to "Allow third-party Flash content to store data on your computer". Close the browser and reboot the computer. Reopen the browser and test. 

Website Storage Settings


Global Storage Settings 


Download and Install Chrome

If none of it works, try downloading and installing the Chrome browser if that is an option for you. This is a very easy thing to do. Here's a link: