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Please use H.264 Encoding Instead of x.264 in Wirecast and Producer 5

posted this on February 3, 2014, 11:19 AM

Wirecast 5 added support for the x.264 codec. This is the default codec in the preset when you use Wirecast to stream to Ustream. We have noticed that the use of the x.264 codec can cause audio sync issues in both live broadcasts and recorded videos on the Ustream platform. Lowering the key frame interval and switching the codec back to H.264 resolved issues with audio sync. Our engineers are investigating the issue and we will update this thread when we know more about x.264 compatibility. In Producer the x.264 option is not the default.  Please follow the steps below to change to H.264 in Wirecast.

  1. Launch Wirecast
  2. Go to the Broadcast Menu and select Output Settings to bring up the Broadcast settings panel.
  3. Under the Destination select RTMP Server and then OK.
  4. Please select H.264 encoding. We recommend changing H.264 as the encoder and setting the Key Frame interval to a value between 30 to 60. The default is 240. This will result in a better looking stream.
  5. Setting Ustream as the Destination: enter your username and password and select the channel you want to broadcast to. Do not forget to press save. If you want to get more advanced you can still choose a Flash Profile but instead use RTMP Flash server as the destination.
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